What Are The Best Automatic Gates For Your Brisbane Home

Looking for an ideal automatic gate system? Read on! This article covers the process of selecting one.

Understand how automatic gates Brisbane function and their components, as well as the differences between common types of gate automation.

With this information, you can choose the right gate automation for your needs. Start exploring your options now!

Auto Gates Brisbane

Automatic Swing Gates


Articulated Arm Openers

Articulated gate motors use a two-part arm system with an elbow joint that needs ample space to move as the gate opens and closes. This type of gate opener is easier to install than others, but may cost more.

Articulated motors may be more noticeable, but they’re mounted on the inside of gates and remain unseen from the outside when closed.

All articulated arm gate motors are electric and can be powered by either 240VAC or 24VDC. 24V and some 240V versions have obstacle detection features that can stop or even reverse the gate’s movement when encountering an object.

Articulated arm systems are best for gates with large piers or pillars because the motors are mounted inside, helping distribute weight evenly and reducing wear and tear.

Despite not being the most discreet option, articulated arm motors have efficient design, obstacle detection features, and suitability for gates with large piers or pillars, making them a strong contender for homeowners considering automatic gates Brisbane.

Advantages of articulated arm openers:

  • Flexible fit: With swing gate motors, hinge placement is not a concern as they can fit onto most gates, making them ideal for gates with unconventional hinge placement.
  • Efficient: Swing gate motors are faster and more efficient compared to underground or ram arm motors. They require less travel, making them a more reliable option for busy gates.
  • Simple installation: Swing gate motors are easy to install, with no welding required. They can be mounted on broad pillars or columns, making them a versatile choice for various gate styles and locations.

Disadvantages of articulated arm openers:

  • Beware of trapping points: When operating, there’s a risk of creating trapping points. This can be dangerous, especially if you have young kids who might access the gate’s back during operation. Keep this in mind when selecting a gate motor.
  • Less appealing visually: Articulated arm mechanisms may not look as good as other types of electric gate motors. Remember this if aesthetics matter to you.
  • Limited use on closed boarded gates: Articulated arm mechanisms might not be ideal for closed boarded gates due to the “sail effect” caused by the gates in windy conditions. This effect creates strong resistance and may prevent the gate from opening or closing.
  • Requires adequate mounting space: To install articulated arm gate motors, a significant amount of space is required. Thus, they are mostly appropriate for wide columns or pillars. Ensure you have enough space before purchasing this type of gate motor.


Ram / Linear Arm Openers

Ram and linear gate motors automate swing gates, requiring minimal space for installation. Ram motors use a piston or worm screw to pivot an arm from a post or column, while linear motors rotate the gate mounting along a threaded shaft using an electric motor.

Achieving the right geometry is crucial for ram arm usage, allowing the rams to sit flat against the gate and column for smooth operation without damaging the surrounding structure. Installation is easy for both systems, with direct mounting to posts or columns requiring little welding.

Maintenance of ram and linear motors is simple and doesn’t demand any specialised tools or expertise, making them an economical choice for homeowners and businesses. Obstacle detection technology is also included, feeding back to the control box for safer operation.

Ram and linear motors offer an affordable and convenient solution for automating swing gates. Their slim design makes them ideal for small properties, while their cost-effectiveness makes them accessible to many customers.


Underground Gate Motors

Some Australian homeowners opt for underground gate motors for their automatic gates Brisbane as they provide a high level of discretion. This is because the motors are concealed under the hinge end of each swing gate.

To install these motors, a precisely placed hole must be dug to house each motor’s control box. Adequate drainage is necessary to prevent underground motors from being submerged in water.

Despite requiring minimal space, these gate motors have the ability to open gates up to 180 degrees through an optional chain drive system. Typically, underground gate automation is the priciest option, but it offers almost invisible results.

From the outside of the gate, underground motors can be manually released. These motors can function using either hydraulic or electromechanical methods.

Additionally, a separate control box is necessary for operation, and versions with obstacle detection in both 240 VAC and 24VDC are available.

Due to the complexities of installation, it is recommended that underground motors be installed by professionals.

If you value a high level of discretion and have the financial means to invest in a more expensive automatic gates Brisbane option, underground gate automation may be the ideal solution for you.

Advantages of underground gate motors:

  • Inconspicuous
  • Silent
  • Capable of operating all gate styles
  • Effortlessly disengageable

Disadvantages of underground gate motors:

  • May necessitate significant additional drainage
  • Inappropriate for installation at the base of a decline
  • Challenging to retrofit and necessitates welding
  • Sometimes infeasible to excavate deep enough
  • Costly

Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic sliding gate typically involves a single gate that is wider than the driveway and slides to one side on a track. This gate is powered by a motor that is mounted on one side of the driveway entrance. 

The motor is connected to a toothed racking on the rear of the gate, creating a rack and pinion drive system. As the motor turns, the cog rotates in the rack, drawing the gate along.

The gate track for a sliding gate is more than twice the width of the driveway and can be set into the ground or bolted on. It starts at the pillar or gate post on one side of the opening and crosses the drive to the opposite pillar. The gate slides along the track to completely clear the drive entrance.

Auto Sliding Gate Brisbane

Automating your sliding gate has numerous benefits, including convenience, security, and safety. 

With a motorised gate, you no longer need to manually open and close the gate, making it easier to enter and exit your property. It also enhances security by preventing unauthorised access and can protect children and pets by ensuring the gate remains closed. 

Furthermore, when it comes to automatic gates Brisbane,

Why you should consider getting a sliding gate

  • Ideal for compact areas
  • Provides reliable and robust security against intruders
  • More economical than cantilever gates
  • Equipped with self-locking motors

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